500 Watt Front Conversion Kit with Rack Battery
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500 Watt Front Conversion Kit with Rack Battery

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High Torque Front Electric conversion kit. Full kit that comes complete with a 36v 13Ah Rack Battery and charger.

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Detailed Description

Looking for a more powerful electric bike conversion kit?

A Conversion Kit that can assist you up the most struggling of inclines?

A powerful conversion kit that's capable for off road riding?

Easily Restrictable to 14mph (Road legal Speed) If required

The 500w Electric Bike Conversion Kit has a powerful Front hub motor, With a torque rating of 32N.m, and capable of reaching speeds of 25 +mph making troublesome hills a thing of the past.

The 500w Electric Bike Conversion Kit motors are built using the latest technology. The motors are gearless and brushless meaning they offer the high speeds and high torque power. They are also silent unlike the geared low wattage motors.

You really can enhance your current bike with a high performance conversion kit for great value for money.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits are great if you're looking for assisted power but you're comfortable with your current bike. These conversion kits are easy to fit (some bike mechanical skills needed), user friendly and the end result will transform your current riding experience.

If you're looking for one of the most powerful electric bike conversion kits available, to assist on the hills, and for use off road. The 500w Electric Bike Conversion Kit is the one to get.

Our conversion kits are designed for maximum off road performance!

What comes with the 500w Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

Everything you need to convert your bike is included within this 500w Electric Bike Conversion Kit. All you need from home is the basic tools to install (screwdrivers, spanners, allen keys etc)

Kit Contents:

Front Wheel

Electric Bike Conversions build the Front Wheel in the UK in size to fit to your current bike.

Wheel sizes available (check your tyre for this) are 20", 24",26", 27.5", 28", 29", and 700c

Disc and Vee brake compatible

The Wheel is built using an alloy, double walled rim for extra strength

Spokes are manufactured on site by Electric Bike Conversions Ltd. They are made using a robust 304 stainless steel and are 2.6mm (12 gauge) in diameter. This again gives them extra strength and means they can withstand extra tension.

Battery and Charger

This 500w electric bike conversion kit will come complete with a 13Amp 36 volt Rack Mounted lithium ion battery. The Kit includes a Double Deck Rack with Universal Fitting Kit to suit most bikes.

The downtube battery itself is a lightweight battery, weighing just over 7lbs. Even with its lightweight design the battery packs enough punch to power you around and up the most daunting of hills.

You are very capable of getting up to 35 +miles range on one charge with this battery. This does of course depend on many aspects like the terrain, your build and how you ride the bike. Try and stay away from the throttle and higher levels of assistance and you will get more range. Looking after your battery will prolong its lifespan, on average you are looking at 3 years or 800-1000 charging cycles.
All our batteries are built using high quality Samsung / LG battery cells and also a built in High Quality Battery Management System (BMS). This ensures that all your battery cells are evenly charged and it won't overcharge the battery ..

Don't be fooled into buying conversion kits without a battery.

Also included a 36volt, 1.8amp battery intelligent battery charger. You can charge the battery overnight without any worry of the battery overcharging. Charge time from flat is approx. 7-8 hours.

The battery will also come with 2 unique keys allowing the Battery to be locked to the Rack.

KT03 LCD Display Screen
Advanced multifunction LCD Display , showing Speed, 5 Pedal Assist Modes , Battery Condition, Trip Mileage, Total Miles and much more.

Brake Levers
The brake levers supplied with this conversion kit contain internal micro switches that cut the power to the motor when you brake. These brake levers are compatible with both 'Rim' and disc brakes. Unfortunately they are not compatible with Hydraulic brakes. However fitment of the levers is not essential as the motor will cut out when you stop peddling or release the throttle.

Thumb or Twist Grip Throttle – Specify your requirement when placing your order.

Pedal Assist (PAS)
Pedal Assist Sensor – fits to your bottom Bracket With 5 different levels of assistance available you can set the assistance level that's right for you.

36v –22AH Max- 12AH rated Fully Matched Intelligent Controller

Torque Plate,
Stainless Steel Torque Plate Kit to fit eliminating "spin out"

Bag, Crank Puller, Wiring Wrap,

Comprehensive Instruction / Fitting manual

See Instructional Fitting Video, Most customers take around two hours to fit the complete kit.
We have a knowledgeable Telephone help Desk for any difficulties

Our exceptional Customer Service includes a one year warranty.

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