4 Reasons To Convert Your Bicycle To An eBike!

If you would like to own an eBike but you’re put off by the cost of purchasing a new electric bike, have you considered converting an existing bicycle into an electric bike using an electric bicycle kit?

4 Reasons To Convert Your Bicycle To An eBike

There are lots of reasons why you should consider converting your bicycle into an electric bike. Here’s a quick list of four!

  1. It’s Better For The Planet.
    Compared to other methods of transport such as driving a car, choosing to travel via electric bike could be a more eco-friendly option.

    Also, in addition to reducing your impact on the environment, riding an electric bike could reduce the impact cycling has on your knees and thighs as you’ll be able to cycle for further and for longer!

  2. It’s Cheaper Than Purchasing A New eBike.
    Did you know that converting an existing bicycle into an electric bike is significantly cheaper than purchasing a new eBike?

    Indeed, if you choose to convert a bicycle with an eBike conversion kit, the kit could be as low as 25% of the cost of buying an electric bike!

  3. There Are Lots Of Options To Choose From.
    If you want to purchase a road legal 250w model, you can choose from a wide variety of different conversion kits on our online store.

    For example, you could choose the 250 Watt Front Conversion Kit with Downtube Battery. Alternatively you could choose a product such as the 250 Watt Rear Conversion Kit with Rack Battery.

  4. Our Team Can Professionally Convert Your Bicycle.
    If you are interested in purchasing a conversion kit, but you do not want to convert you bicycle yourself, do not worry Electric Bike Conversions can help!

    We have a team of fully trained fitters who have undertaken hundreds of conversions on a wide variety of different types of bikes, tandems, and trikes. Additionally, all of our work is fully warranted and includes a full safety check and road test on completion of fitting.

Electric Bicycle Kits From Electric Bike Conversions

Electrical Bike Conversions is one of if not the biggest supplier of conversion kits in the UK and EU. So if you choose to purchase your electric bicycle kit from our online store, you can relax in the knowledge that you are purchasing a high quality product. Additionally for further peace of mind, we offer a 1 year/2000 mile (whichever comes first) warranty! (for more info please visit our Warranty page).

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