Discussing the pros and cons

Electric Bike Conversion Kits are, on paper, a really smart way of getting yourself into the world of Electric Bikes (eBikes). But (like most things) they're not for everyone

We at Electric Bike Conversions get asked the following questions daily without fail:

Is it worth converting my bike?

Should I convert my bike or buy a new bike?

These questions are kind of "How long is a piece of string" kind. Only you can answer them. We can give you as much guidance as possible but the answer is down to you. To help you further we thought we would briefly discuss the pro and cons of converting a bike using an electric bike conversion kit.Discussing the pros and cons

Advantages of using an Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Let's start with the many benefits. There are so many benefits or riding an electric bike but converting a bike using an electric bike conversion kit, gives you so much more choice and flexibility. For most, it will make your eBike experience so much more beneficial.

The bike you know and love

The big benefit of using an electric bike conversion kit is that you reuse/recycle a bicycle you already own, ride and love. This is beneficial as you know the bike is the correct size for you along with the right colour and right look.

"Our electric bike conversion kits allow riders to tailor an ebike to suit their individual requirements" – Electric Bike Conversions Ltd

Who doesn't love a DIY project?

If you get a great satisfaction from getting your teeth (and toolbox) stuck into a good project, then converting your bike to an eBike will be right up your street. With so many customisations available, why just stop at a conversion kit? You could upgrade your front chain rings to a higher tooth one giving you more, you could upgrade your braking system. You could rebuild yourself a top range bike for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Fitting an electric bike conversion kit

Also, by building your own eBike you'll also be competent enough to maintain, and repair or replace parts. This will save you more money in the long run as you'll be able to carry out your bikes maintenance and servicing.

You will save money!

When you break it down, the electric bike components that make up a kit are by far the most expensive parts that make up an electric bike. Whichever route you take, the bulk cost of an electric bike conversion kit or an eBike are the battery, motor and controller.

"I was looking at buying an eBike but after looking around I stumbled upon electric bike conversion kits. I had a couple of perfectly good bikes but just wanted that bit of assistance to help me on the hills. Weighing up my options I worked out that the cost of converting my bike saved me just under £800 compared to a like for like eBike I found. The conversion was straight forward and gave me a huge feeling of satisfaction once I completed the conversion. I know use my bike nearly every day and it dosent look hardly any different from my original bike" – Chris Moloney

Using an electric bike conversion kit will save you money

If you've already got a good quality bicycle you already like, then an electric bike conversion kit will be a smart way to get an electric bike. Looking at a good standard eBike you can spend anything from £1000 to £5000 which is an unnecessary cost when you have a perfectly good bike already.

Disadvantages of Electric Bike Conversion kits

With what may be an advantage to some, becomes a disadvantage to others. Below we list some disadvantages of using an electric bike conversion kit.

Are you able to fit the conversion kit?

If you're not comfortable already taking a bicycle apart, you may struggle with converting your bike into electric.

It's fair to say you need to be confident mechanically around bikes. Even if you don't fit it you should watch how it goes together just in case something goes wrong later down the line.

"We always get asked by customers, are these kits easy to fit. This of course all depend on your level of mechanical knowledge. When you break down the installation, can you currently take out a rear wheel to mend a puncture and then put the wheel back in? If so you can easily fit the motor. Fitting parts to the handlebars is quite straightforward as is fitting the battery. The main part customers struggle with is fitting the pedal assist sensor. We supply the only special tool needed to convert your bike along with instructions so it's not that difficult to fit. If you struggle, we are only a phone call away" – Electric Bike Conversions Ltd

Do you have time to complete the conversion?

Procrastination - One disadvantage for some of using an electric bike conversion kit

Procrastination (the action of delaying or postponing something) is the enemy of productivity, but some people don't have the available time for starting or completing new projects.

You need to be willing to invest whatever time is needed is complete the conversion. For some people this can be a couple of hours, for others it may have a weekend.

It might be best to watch a fitting video before starting so you cover the above disadvantages. Please watch Our Fitting Video to get a better understanding of the tasks involved and potential time you will need to invest.


What a lot of people struggle to remember is that these conversion kits are a compromise. They are a generic kit and not a kit built specifically for your bike. They will of course fit to most bikes without any glitches. For some bikes you may need to change parts or buy a specific tool to remove parts of your bike.

Is your bike up to a good enough standard?

Fitting an electric bike conversion kit to your bike has many advantages, as already discussed. But, your bike has to be in good condition to start with. To be honest, it's not going to be worth while if youre thinking of converting a bike that been locked up in the shed for the best part of 10 years or a bike that hasent been regularly maintained. Were not saying you have to go and buy a complete new bike, just ensure its a bike that has been loved and cared for.

A neglected bike - Not ideal for use with an electric bike conversion


This is more down to people looking at buying a motor from company A, a battery from company B, and other bits from company C. Are the parts going to be compatible with one another? If you have a problem, which company does the warranty issue lie with?

This is why at Electric Bike Conversions Ltd, we sell full conversion kits. We know that all parts will be compatible with one another and if you do have a problem, give us a call.

Please visit our warranty page for full details.

Final Summary

Electric Bike Conversions as a company sell both electric bike conversion kits and eBikes. we feel we are in a great position to advise you on this matter. The electric bike conversion kits are great if:

  • you're after more choice (most eBikes will be 250w and will cut out at 15mph)
  • you already have a bike that you are happy with and comfortable riding
  • you have some bike mechanic know how
  • you have the time to complete the conversion
  • you want to save money

If you find the below statements are more you then you might want to consider an eBike

  • you don't/won't have the time to complete the conversion
  • you don't have any knowledge of bike mechanics
  • you don't have a bike (although you could buy a bike and then you fall back into the electric bike conversion kit bracket again)