Roll on Spring Time

With the recent turn in weather and the battering we have received from Storm Emma and the Beast from the East, we thought we would brighten your mood and turn your attentions towards spring. The first day of spring for 2018 is Tuesday 20th March, which is just under 3 weeks away.

Riding your bike in spring

For those of you who haven't braved the freezing conditions, snow, and rain and used your bike during winter, spring is normally the time that your bike comes out from storage. Before getting on your bike for the first time in a couple of months there are a few checks that Electric Bike Conversions recommend you do to ensure your bike is ready for daily use again.


A well maintained bike is a happy bike. Not only does a clean bike look the part, its parts will also perform better, wear off slower, and in the long run save you money on unwanted replacements and unexpected service bills. You don't even need to buy any specialist cleaning equipment, all you need is soapy water, a couple of clean rags and an old toothbrush (you could use a new toothbrush, just don't clean your teeth with it after).

Spring cleaning

The bucket of warm soapy water will ensure all the grease and dirt is removed and then use the rags to clean off the excess water.

Giving your bike a good scrub also works wonders for your motivation. There's nothing like a spring clean to get you in the mood.


Lift your rear wheel in the air or place your bike into a bike stand. Then while turning the pedals with your hands, manually shift through your gears and watch for any signs of wear or damage on the chainrings and rear wheel freewheel/cassette. Easy running gears and chains best transfer the force of your legs to the ground.

Getting your gears ready


Your brakes should not graze the wheels when loose and should make full contact with the rim when pulled. If the rubber on your brakes are worn down, you need to replace your brake pads straight away.

Also ensure you test the brake levers on your handlebars. If you can easily squeeze your brake levers all the way down to your handlebars and they don't snap back with force, you will need to adjust the tightness.

Disc brake


Inflate your tires till they feel hard to touch, or to the recommended pressure (PSI) as it says on the tire. For a safe ride you need to ensure that the wheels spin freely and straight, there should be no wobbling.

Having your tyres at the right pressure will improve the efficiency of your bike and will help to reduce your risks of picking up punctures.

Checking your tyres

Check your spokes as all intact and that they are not loose. Also check your tyre condition, they shouldn't be visibly damaged, cracked or worn down. If they show any of these signs, replace straight away.


Check your chain. If it's loose or rusty, replace this straight away. A worn out chain will prevent effective pedalling and you won't do your chainrings any favours. If the chain is just dirty or squeaks, clean off the dirt with a rag and lightly lubricate the chain with some chain oil for a good as new smooth ride.

Bike Lubricant

You can use chain lube for this that can also be used on cables, brake levers, bike locks and for all other lube applications.

Spend the next couple of weeks following these simple steps to ensure that your bike is ready for when the weather improves.