How to get the most from your electric bike battery

Its getting close to that time of year when a lot of eBike riders will be dusting of their electric bikes from the garage to start riding again when the weather improves. What people tend to find is that their battery range may not be what it was or the battery isn't performing as it once was.

Electric Bike Conversions Ltd invite you to read the below to get a better understanding on how your battery works and on how to help improve its lifespan.

About Electric Bike Batteries

All batteries from Electric Bike Conversions Ltd are made with Lithium Ion battery cells. Lithium ion eBike batteries work by the lithium ions in the battery cells moving from positive to negative during charging and then the other way while the battery is in use. In theory, an eBike battery working in this manner should work forever but unfortunately over the time and with repeated cycles, the range of your eBike battery will start to decrease.

General Maintenance of your Lithium Ion eBike Battery

Your brand new eBike lithium ion battery will generally last you between 800 - 1000 charging cycles or 3 years. Over time the range will begin to decrease. To help you get the most from your battery there are some simple steps to follow.

  • Use your bike regularly - batteries like to be in use. If you can use your bike at least weekly, that's a good start to help prolong the life of your ebike battery
  • Try not to charge every day - generally you are best to wait until your battery is at least half charged before charging again. Try not to use for a couple of miles and then charging again.
  • Avoid leaving your eBike battery out in the cold - Lithium ion batteries are (like me) a fan of warmer weather conditions. They don't like the cold, especially during charging. So bring them indoors and leave at room temperature whenever possible
  • Avoid shocks - this is general bike maintenance that will also help protect your bike as well as the battery. Avoid bumps, kerbs, pot holes etc

Electric bike batteries do contain a complex array of electronic components beside the lithium ion battery cells. Any excess exposure to extreme humidity could oxidize the copper on the circuit board just like on your copper pipes at home. If you do find yourself caught out and it rains, don't panic. Your battery is still going to work, you just need to wipe your battery dry when you get to your destination.

What to do when not using the battery as much during the winter months

During the winter months you might not use your electric bike as much or maybe not at all. If this is the case don't lock the battery away and forget about it until the spring. Follow these simple steps to help prolong your eBike batteries performance.

  • As written above, dont leave your battery out in the cold - bring it indoors and leave at room temperature
  • Always switch your battery off when not in use - never leave your battery switched on
  • Say hello to your battery at least monthly - every month check the charge indicator. If the bar has dropped give it a 1-2 hour charge, if it hasen't dropped just charge for 15-30 minutes.

Following the above steps will help to improve your batteries lifespan and performance.

If you do need a new battery then click through to our battery page for products and prices.