500w Rear Wheel Conversion - Adrian

Bike Saved From Salvage

Electric Bike Conversions like to hear stories from our customers in regards to increase of range, improvements of health, new cycling friendships. But this is something completely different that we felt we needed to share with you all.

I'm sure we have all been in the same position of looking for new bikes online, in shops, or scouting sites such as eBay and Gumtree for a 2nd hand bargain. This is a story from a recent conversion we done for a customer called Adrian and we feel he got himself the bargain of the year.

After Christmas and before New Year Adrian found himself visiting his local tip like many others getting rid of rubbish and waste from the Christmas period. Upon unloading and clearing the car, in the corner of his eye he noticed an Ammaco bike that had a badly damaged rear wheel. As Adrian was thinking of a bike conversion and was looking for a doner bike he inquired to the site manager how much the bike was going to cost. When Adrian was told £10.00 he quickly shook the site managers hand and loaded the bike in the back of the car.

Adrian then brought the bike up to Electric Bike Conversions Ltd to ensure there was no further damage to the bike. Once we thorough checked the bike over we confirmed the goodness. Adrian then decided to have a 500w Rear Wheel Conversion Kit fitted to bike as the rear wheel needed changing anyway. So Adrian left the bike and went off for some lunch.

500 Rear Wheel Conversion

A couple of hours later Adrian returned to his new converted eBike all ready and waiting. Fitted with a 500w rear wheel brushless motor, 36 v 13Ah downtube battery, capable of a top speed of nearly 30mph and range of 25-30 miles.

Adrian was really pleased with his new look bike. He was looking forward to going for a Sunday bike ride with his friends that involves a long cross country trial and a couple of pub stops on the way home.

So it just goes to show there are bike bargains out there.

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