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An Electric Bike (eBike) is a bicycle with an electric motor that gives you the advantage of pedal assistance on your ride. You can choose how you ride your electric bike and apply the use of the added power. The battery powered support means you avoid exhausting your energy levels and enables you to complete your journey in a timely manor.


Riding your Electric Bike is a piece of cake. Even if you suffer varying fitness levels you will be pleasantly surprised by the how far you can travel. Your future commutes will be quicker and benefit from reduced costs, compared to gas guzzling cars.


Any electric bike with a power source of 250 Watts or less is classified as a standard bicycle in The UK, so jumping on a Electric Bike and heading off into the sunset is so easy. There is no need to deal with registration, parking or special licenses.


1.Reduce your carbon footprint

Now we are in the 21st century, we must be aware of our natural resources and try to limit their usage. Cars are extremely harmful to our environment and contribute massively to the increasing problem of global warming. To reduce greenhouse emissions and protect our environment, we must turn our attentions towards alternative methods. Electric bikes are one of these favorable methods as they boast zero-emissions technology. By choosing to cycle on your electric bike rather than drive you will be contributing towards a cleaner and safer environment.

2. Reduce your transport costs.

The cost of running a car far exceeds the cost of an electric bike. The typical car user mileage is about 8000 miles a year, costing the average commuter £1400 per year. Then add insurance, tax, breakdown cover and annual depreciation of your car and any finance costs, bringing you to a hefty sum. Electric bikes on the other hand cost from 3p to 7p to fully charge, making a sizable annual saving.

3. Enhance your fitness levels.

You may be thinking that electric bikes do not provide you with as good a work out as standard bikes. However, the advantage of electric bikes is that you can build up your fitness gradually. As your fitness levels improve you can switch off the electric motor as and when you like and pedal like a normal bike. You decide how much effort you want to put in. Similarly, you can use the assistance to get you up to speed, and then once at that pace you can keep it going yourself without the assistance of the motor. Alternatively, you could use the motor simply just to aid you climbing hills. Not all people will be able to ride a standard bike up hills or particularly enjoy it. Electric bikes make cycling accessible to all.

4. You will cycle more with an electric bike.

As pointed out above, some may argue that a traditional bicycle will keep you fitter. This really depends on how frequently you use it. Electric Bike Conversions Ltd believe that you are more likely to use your electric bike because slopes and headwinds cease to be obstacles anymore. With a traditional bicycle these elements leave the cyclist feeling fatigued. With an electric bike though, you merely just switch on the power and conquer them with ease.

5. A form of motorised transport without added premiums and forms.

Under EU law electric bikes are addressed just the same as traditional bikes. For that reason, you are not expected to pay road tax, insurance or wear a helmet (but we would recommend one!).

For full UK laws and regulations please visit www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules

6. Arrive feeling fresh

If you currently do a daily commute to work, why would you want to arrive hot and clammy? The electric motor benefit, means less effort is required so you still feel fresh.

7. Quick city travel

Cities are becoming more and more congested, increasing the average commuting time for vehicles. In congested cities traveling by bicycle is more often than not faster than traveling by car. Electric bikes can maintain a higher average speed than a standard bicycle and also take advantage of the same network of cycle facilities. Most inner city journeys can be made quickly and easily on an electric bike. Therefore, is a car really necessary?

8. Enjoy the countryside

We have talked a lot about the benefits of electric bikes for commuters; but there are also many benefits for leisure cyclists. The British countryside is a beautiful place, and a great way to explore it is by bike. However, sometimes it is difficult to really enjoy it when you are struggling to get up a hill or just feeling  physically tired. Electric bikes offer a more relaxed ride, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air.

9. Continue cycling at an older age

As you get older cycling becomes more difficult and challenging, forcing many to give it up. This is a shame as cycling is a great form of relaxation as well as exercise. As previously mentioned, electric bikes take the strain out of cycling and are therefore ideal for the aging population. With an electric bike from our online bike shop you can carry on cycling until a later age and reap the rewards from a healthy outdoor pursuit.

10. Free Delivery

Electric Bike Conversions Ltd offer free delivery on electric bikes within the UK mainland. We will try and use our own transport within  120 miles of our factory (dependent on schedules). In this way the bike will be fully assembled and our driver will be able to describe how the bike functions.

For deliveries beyond 120 miles your electric bike will be delivered by Parcel Force. The bike will be fully assembled apart from the pedals (easy to screw in) and handlebars (you just need to straighten and tighten with a 6mm allen key).

Delivery with Parcel Force will be on a 48 hour service to mainland UK only. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver bikes to the Scottish Highlands or any Islands.

If you are unsure if your delivery Postcode is viable then please email us on enquiries@electricbikeconversions.co.uk


We mostly operate as an online bike shop offering new eBikes and electric bike conversion kits, however if you wish to visit us we have demonstration bikes which will assist you in make the correct choice of bike. We offer a collection and delivery service using our own transport, whether its a new electric bike or a electric bike conversion kit you can be sure that when its delivered it will be fully built, configured, tested and signed off against our multi point safety inspection and thus ready to ride and enjoy.


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