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Electric Bike Conversions Ltd – About Us

Electric Bike Conversions Ltd is the largest supplier of Electric Bike Conversion Kits and eBikes in the UK. We are based in Datchworth Hertfordshire and provide product and services via this online bike shop and via our eBay electric bike store.

500w Rear Conversion Kit

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We offer PayPal as a tried and tested online payment system. This means that all payment transactions are concluded between you and PayPal on THEIR server. Your card details are only available to PayPal via their worldwide security systems. You can either pay using your existing PayPal account or by logging on as a guest.


Additional Info

Usually if you wanted to buy/own an electric bike you would normally need to replace your existing bike. Not only is this a waste if your bike is in good condition but can also become expensive. An expense you no longer need to shell out for. Electric Bike Conversions Ltd offer a solution that recycles your existing bike and that is kinder to your pocket. Buying a conversion kit can be as low as 25% of the cost of buying an electric bike. Fitting the kit yourself gives you that sense of self build satisfaction or alternatively we can build the bike for you.

The electric bike motor is as easy to install as replacing a wheel, as this in effect is all that you do. Our hub motors come installed using 304 stainless steel spokes in a strong, robust double walled rim which will withstand the torque power from the motor. Electric Bike Conversions Ltd offer UK road legal 250w motors in a wide range of different wheel sizes for front or rear application. If your looking for a bit more powerful  then we can offer a 500w motor in front or rear wheel mode, and we also have available a 1000w rear motor kit, which are really for off road use due to high torque power and faster speeds. Also available are 750w Bafang mid drive motor kits which look more discrete and pack nearly 4 times as much torque power as our 1000w hub motors.


There are a choice of batteries available for each kit, wither a downtube battery or a rack battery. Downtube batteries fit to the downtube bar using the pre drilled holes for your water bottle holder. The other alternative is the rack battery that will come with its own rack to house your new battery. Range per charge will depend on many aspects but Electric Bike Conversions Ltd have found that some customers have reported nearly double the range that is advertised. If looked after, your battery can last you up to 1000 charging cycles.

There are two ways to power an electric bike from Electric Bike Conversions Ltd. Every conversion kit will come with a throttle which will involve the motor doing all the work for you. But most importantly if looking for range each conversion kit will come with a Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS). The PAS works by a sensor detecting how fast you are pedaling and providing motor assistance depending on the level set via the LCD display screen. The PAS is what will give you the greater range.

The LCD screen that sits on the handlebar shows more than just your speed and battery indication. There are three screens worth of information although the main points of interest are all located on the 1st screen. You can also go into the settings to set the speed that the motor cuts out.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits will also come with brake levers that contain micro switches for cutting the power to the motor. If you have existing integrated brakes and gears or hydraulic brakes then these unfortunately won’t be compatible. Electric Bike Conversions Ltd recommend fitting the micro switch brake versions where possible, but that said, once you stop pedaling the power to the motor will be cut, and so the brake levers are not entirely needed.

Electric motors can cause damage to your bike frame and cause serious injury if not securely fitted. With this in mind you will receive a Torque Arm in every kit to help hold the motor in place and to stop it from spinning out due to its higher torque rating.


Electric Bike Conversions Ltd also offer converted bikes using the conversion kits mentioned above. Buying a converted bike instead of a ready built electric bike will make you a massive saving. You will also have more gears as many electric bikes come with under 5 gears. You can of course convert your bike that you feel comfortable with and it suited to your riding needs.

As well as all the above Electric Bike Conversions Ltd offer a fitting service if you don’t feel comfortable fitting a kit  yourself. We also offer continued after sales support so any questions or queries you have you can always call 01438 986007 or email enquiries@electricbikeconversions.co.uk


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