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Electric Bike Conversions Ltd. Electric Bike Conversion Kits and Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Conversions Ltd

Welcome to Electric Bike Conversions Ltd. A leading UK and International supplier of the best new eBikes and eBike conversion kits which are available for “self-fit” by you or “factory fit” by us.

By using the navigation buttons at the top of the page, you will be able to view Electric Bike Conversions Ltd products and services options together with details of delivery, warranty, service tips, help videos and contact details. Always remembering that we are pleased to discuss your particular needs and can be contacted on 01438 986007 during normal office hours (9.00 – 17.00)

Electric Bike Conversions Ltd believe the following points will enable you to understand our company, our offerings, and our customer centric focus.

  • Electric Bike Conversions Ltd are a UK based company offering fully headed VAT invoices.
  • All of our Electric Bikes are built and tested at our Hertfordshire facility.
  • We believe we offer the best electric bike and electric bike conversion kit services in the UK.
  • You can phone or visit us during 9.00 – 17.00 office hours.
  • Electric Bike Conversions Ltd offer new Electric Bikes, Electric Bike Conversion Kits and spares.
  • You can “self-fit” our top electric bike kits or have us fit them to your bike.
  • Electric Bike Conversions Ltd have the largest stock of Electric Bikes and Electric Bike Conversion Kits in the UK.
  • All of our Electric Bike kits come as “electric bike kit with battery” packages.
  • You can trial an Electric Bike at our Herts facility.
  • Electric Bike Conversions Ltd have invested over £100k in robotic wheel truing technology.
  • All of our powered wheels are built using 304 stainless steel spokes.
  • Our Lithium-ion batteries come in 36v and 48v ratings for motor pairing.
  • Electric Bike Conversions Ltd offer free UK express delivery on new Electric Bikes and Electric Bike Conversion kits.
  • A pick up and delivery service is available for factory conversions.
  • We offer 3 hub motors with power ratings of 250, 500 and 1000w.
  • Tutorial fitting videos are provided online.
  • Please see our electric bike conversion kit UK reviews below.
  • All of our products come with one years warranty.
  • All prices INCLUDE VAT.
  • Electric Bike Conversiions takes payment via PayPal (use your account or pay as a guest).



Electric Bike Conversions Ltd pride ourselves in offering a very comprehensive customer service, not only through the delivery stage but onward into warranty and long term support.


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What our customers say

The 500watt engine does its job quite fine uphill given the fact that I’m around 95kg, the battery is like 70% full after 30km (used mainly on the 2nd level of pedal assist). That tool for crank removal was life-saving at least in my case.

Email from Septimiu
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